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Domain and Hosting

What is Domain?

Domain is the name which denotes our own websites. Internet user`s access our websites by using our domain address usually it`s hard to remember the website link IP address. Every website has their unique IP address. Hence there comes Domain, an alternative one to IP address of our website.

What is Visual Private Server?

For certain purpose, some of the websites cannot be accessed by the users. But it can be possible to access these sites with the aid of some server. Which is commonly known by the term Visual Private Server. Even it is referred as VDS. For this process you have to root access to our self virtual space. Patching the server includes self risk.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is storing and accessing of our files on certain networks. We will be charged for the process. Nowadays many of private companies provide this specification for their users. This may avoid the risk of storage insufficiency. Here we can access our files from anywhere at any time.

What is Shared Hosting?

This server is the one which consists of the websites of many users. All of the user shared their data. Hosting server may access the storage CPU and RAM here. Basically this is the type of hosting is very cheap at the same time we can`t built a huge website under this hosting. It`s not to be a common storage because most of the users also sharing their sites content.

What is Dedicated Server?

It is private server which was owned by us. By this hosting full accessibility. It`s most secured hosting no one can access it except those who are admin for that so, it is used by enriched server, financial banking servers. Even thousands of users accessing at the same time. DPS doesn`t get decreased it`s provide huge storage for store and access your files.

What is Reseller?

Reseller hosting is the type of hosting where a single user can buy a allotted hard drive space and bandwidth and provide its access to the clients for money. Here we can own certain hard drive space from a hosting company and rent it for clients. After clients paid the charges we will give them permission to access Hard devices & Bandwidth the purchasing and whole sales of the host`s services to the consumers is the process involved here.

What is SSL-Certificate?

This is to certify and gives to the authority to accessing the website. It`s available at cost and cost free also. It is the permission to access our website in online. An every website needs to buy SSL-certificate onto it`s a web server to initiate a secure position with browse.

What is Wordpress?

It is the simplest and familiar way to create your own website or blog. Wordpress is an open source content management system which means that anyone can use or modify the wordpress software for free. In prior it`s the essential tool to create a blog rather than more traditional websites.